fmcg b2b case study strengthen supply chains
FMCG B2B Case Study- Strengthen supply chains

FMCG B2B Case Study- Strengthen supply chainsTools- Channels-Partner NPS® THE STORY Our client on whom the case study is based is a leading FMCG company in India. They wanted to evaluate their relationship with key stakeholders, i.e. their wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. We call them channel-partners.Additionally, they wanted to reduce dependence on incentives as the only means of getting these

FMCG Case Study- New product validation

Our client is a leading FMCG company based in India. They wanted us to quickly validate a new product they had launched. We’ll call it Product X for the sake of convenience. Since we were also monitoring their channels-partner CX, the required framework was already in place. We used the network of retailers (who are a part of our channels-partner

pharmaceutical case study b2b distributors
Pharmaceutical Case Study- B2B/Distributor

Client- A pharmaceutical company   Service Rendered- Relationship NPS®, Text Analytics and Intuitive Association  Our client is a leading pharmaceutical company. They wanted to find out what their distributors think about them and how satisfied they are.  Numr conducted email and telephonic surveys to find out our client’s relationship with their distributors.   CHALLENGES Our client wanted to-  Find out distributor satisfaction at every single touchpoint  Find out factors

brand strength and brand perception case study
Case Study- Brand Strength and differentiation for a Luggage company

Case Study- Brand Strength and differentiation for a Luggage company Tools- Relationship NPS®, Intuitive Association  THE STORY Our client in the case study is a leading luggage company in India. They wanted us to find out their brand perception. To differentiate themselves in the market, they also wanted to understand the consumer perception of their competition. Basically, they wanted to position themselves in a

consumer durables case study
Consumer durables case study- CX for retail stores

Consumer Durables Case Study Service rendered- Customer Experience Management (NPS®, Text Analytics, Drivers Analysis)  PREMISE Our client is a leading luggage company. They have a strong presence across thousands of stores in India. With most of it being largely unorganised, they wanted to optimise CX in their official stores and franchises.  Basically, they wanted to discover the level of expertise required at each franchise/store and quantify that. Using NPS® and Text Analytics, Numr discovered granular insights that helped in improving

jet airways customer experience nps case study
Customer Experience Case Study- Jet Airways

Client- Jet Airways Service rendered- NPS® and Text Analytics (Comment Analysis) Jet Airways is an erstwhile Indian international airline. Before ceasing operations, it held the last share in the commercial passenger airline segment in India. Challenges Jet Airways contacted Numr to refurnish its customer experience system. They wanted to use NPS® to obtain granular insights that they could use to

net easy score colt client story
Colt Client Story- Delivering fantastic CX with Net Easy Score

Client- Colt Technology Services Service Rendered- Customer Experience Management The Story (Discovering Net Easy Score) Colt is a multinational telecom company with offices in 21 countries and customers in around 150 countries. Suffice to say, it’s a complex global organization. They contacted Numr to streamline their customer experience initiative. Colt was already using a CX management platform. However, the platform

quikr client story NPS®
Quikr Client Story- How Numr improved CX using NPS®

Service Rendered- NPS® survey and analysis  Client Name- Quikr "What appealed to us about Numr was its consultative approach from pitching till the completion of the project and also a tech-driven and agile platform that it had to offer. We were also excited about Numr’s understanding of our cross-category business and felt extremely comfortable with the team from day 1. They provided us

feedback analysis insurance case study
Insurance- How we used Feedback Analysis to find key areas that impact CX

Our client is a leading insurance provider in the country. They were routinely collecting customer feedback through NPS® surveys. However, they were unable to perform feedback analysis of unstructured comments. This is problematic since the NPS® score is merely a number. Feedback comments are more crucial since they provide the reasons behind customers’ ratings.    CHALLENGE Mainly, Numr faced 3 challenges. These were- Perform Feedback Analysis of customer comments from the past 2 years to obtain insights about WHY customers have provided a specific rating. (Say,

effect of customer satisfaction on feed delivery startup case study
Food Delivery Start-Up- How we calculated the monetary impact of customer satisfaction

Our client is a food delivery startup. They wanted us to prove that happier customers correspond to higher Revenue. Which means, they wanted us to calculate the monetary impact (in terms of overall Revenue) of making a customer happier (say, by X%). In short,  We had to determine the effect of customer experience on food delivery in pecuniary terms.   CHALLENGE It's no secret that the start-up ecosystem is massively focused on Growth and Expansion. While, they do segment

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