news source India survey Numr Research
Survey- Which News Source does India prefer (TV ...

A recent survey by Numr Research uncovered that  Urban Indians pre-dominantly prefer…

coronavirus survey India 2020
Coronavirus India Survey- Public Opinion

With Coronavirus quickly spreading through the world, countries in total lockdowns and…

coronavirus customer support
Customer support in the time of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic is surging and growing worse every day. While, it’s important not…

resistance to change numr
4 powerful reasons for a company’s resista...

It’s no secret that human beings struggle with Change.…

feedback analysis insurance case study
6 ways to avoid customer feedback survey fatigue
What is Survey Fatigue and How to Stop it

What's inside? Introduction What is Survey Fatigue?6 ways to counter…

effect of customer satisfaction on feed delivery startup case study
Food Delivery Start-Up- How we calculated the mo...

Our client is a food delivery startup. They wanted us to prove that…

customer feedback car dealership auto industry customer satisfaction
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