Turn Car Owners into Brand Ambassadors.

Deliver outstanding customer experience at every single touchpoint and turn car lovers into brand lovers. ​
Numr uses Net Promoter Score® and Text Analytics to collect and utilize actionable insights across all (Pre-Sale, Sale, and Post-Sale) points. ​


Dealership level reports

Get dealership level reports to identify which branches are doing well and why. Then, use these service satisfaction reports and performance data to improve the ones that are falling behind.

Close Looping with Unsatisfied Customers

Close Looping with Unsatisfied Customers

Delight customers by prioritising Close Looping of negative feedback with our dynamic platform. Numr generates an automatic alarm when a survey comes back negative, which allows managers to mobilise the entire work force to quickly solve the problem.


Convert showroom visits

Use our post test drive surveys to uncover insights about showroom visits and conversions to understand buyer behaviour. 

Influence of brand drivers in the car research stage

Influence of brand drivers in the car research stage

Identify the key drivers that have the strongest influence on purchase decisions. Our AI powered platform uses Text Analytics to help you prioritise decision making. 

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Case Studies

Our client is a leading automobile manufacturer in the country. They wanted to improve and optimise their customer feedback system.  ​

So, read the entire case study below-

You are a savvy CX manager who knows the importance of delighting customers in driving Sales.You have excellent CX strategies in place, backed by customer feedback data and insights.

Text Analytics, in the context of Market Research means analysing continuous stream of free, ‘unstructured’ text (feedback and comments) written by the customers. 

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Numr Research recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey about the Indian Auto Industry.

Everyone has been going on and on about how car sales have taken a nosedive. Some have been calling it a slowdown while the less optimistic ones have labelled it a crash.


The temporary growth recess in any industry is a valuable lesson in the context of customer feedback analysis and the power of that data.

Our client is a leading automobile manufacturer in the country. They wanted to improve and optimize their customer feedback system. Read the entire case study in the link below 

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