pharmaceutical case study b2b distributors
Pharmaceutical Case Study- B2B/Distributor

Client- A pharmaceutical company   Service Rendered- Relationship NPS®, Text Analytics and Intuitive Association  Our client is a leading pharmaceutical company. They wanted to find out what their distributors think about them and how satisfied they are.  Numr conducted email and telephonic surveys to find out our client’s relationship with their distributors.   CHALLENGES Our client wanted to-  Find out distributor satisfaction at every single touchpoint  Find out factors

what is digital customer experience numr
What is digital customer experience?

Digital Customer experience refers to how your customers interact with and experience your brand online. As we have said before, CX is always evolving. It is no longer simply about customer support. Rather, it encapsulates all experiences/interactions that your customers have with your brand. For example, looking up a product online, contacting support via an app, finding the closest point

hiring activity covid 19
Survey- Impact of Covid-19 on hiring activities across various industries

A recent survey conducted by Numr in collaboration with ABC Consultants uncovered interesting insights about the impact of Covid-19 on hiring activities across various Indian industries.  PART 1- CHANGE IN MANPOWER When asked about the change in manpower, the majority 46% responded that it has remained the same. Another 28% reported that the manpower in their company has reduced by 0-20%.

cx in subscription economy
How to deliver fantastic CX in Subscription economy

Customers across the world are changing. The world is moving towards a new business model. The shift from ‘Product Economy’ to ‘Subscription Economy’ has been a long time coming. Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of companies operating under the subscription model. Think Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, furniture rentals, and numerous others. This makes delivering good CX in

user experience us and cx numr
How is User Experience (UX) related to CX?

When we think if UX nowadays, what comes to mind instantly are websites or apps. While it may sound like a modern concept, the term UX was coined by Don Norman in the 1990s when he worked at Apple. Presently, UX and CX are mostly just used interchangeably. But, are they really the same? If not, what’s the difference between

brand strength and brand perception case study
Case Study- Brand Strength and differentiation for a Luggage company

Case Study- Brand Strength and differentiation for a Luggage company Tools- Relationship NPS®, Intuitive Association  THE STORY Our client in the case study is a leading luggage company in India. They wanted us to find out their brand perception. To differentiate themselves in the market, they also wanted to understand the consumer perception of their competition. Basically, they wanted to position themselves in a

consumer durables case study
Consumer durables case study- CX for retail stores

Consumer Durables Case Study Service rendered- Customer Experience Management (NPS®, Text Analytics, Drivers Analysis)  PREMISE Our client is a leading luggage company. They have a strong presence across thousands of stores in India. With most of it being largely unorganised, they wanted to optimise CX in their official stores and franchises.  Basically, they wanted to discover the level of expertise required at each franchise/store and quantify that. Using NPS® and Text Analytics, Numr discovered granular insights that helped in improving

cx basics numr
3 CX basics that you should never lose sight of

Customer Experience has become the new Brand. Customer-centricity is the word of the hour. There are stats upon stats about how investing in CX is the pathway to sustained growth. More and more companies are now investing in CX Management. In fact, as per Adobe,Companies that prioritized customer experience were 3 times more likely than their peers to have significantly

steps of voice of customer program
3 Steps to start a Voice Of Customer program

Do you wish to succeed in the current market? Well, prioritizing your customers is a great step. Most astute professionals understand that pathway to sustained growth lies in Customer Loyalty. And, the best way to ensure customer loyalty is to delight customers at every important touchpoint. However, how does one go about doing that? The answer, of course is, a

reasons to outsource your CX program
5 reasons why you should outsource your CX program

It’s obvious that in order to grow in the current market, one must listen to and act on customer feedback. Prioritising customer satisfaction creates customer loyalty, the end goal of all CX programs. However, the big question is this. How do you get started or revamp your CX program? As is the case with most business practices, two have two

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pharmaceutical case study b2b distributors
what is digital customer experience numr
hiring activity covid 19
cx in subscription economy
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