effect of customer satisfaction on feed delivery startup case study
Food Delivery Start-Up- How we calculated the monetary impact of customer satisfaction

Our client is a food delivery startup. They wanted us to prove that happier customers correspond to higher Revenue. Which means, they wanted us to calculate the monetary impact (in terms of overall Revenue) of making a customer happier (say, by X%).  In short, We had to determine the effect of customer experience on food delivery in pecuniary terms.   CHALLENGE It's no secret that the start-up ecosystem is massively focused on Growth and Expansion. While, they do segment their customers

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Picture this.  You are a savvy CX manager who knows the importance of delighting customers in driving Sales. You have excellent CX strategies in place, backed by customer feedback data and insights. Your brand should be thriving. Your customers should be happy.  But that’s not the case.  Because what if the data that you have based your decisions on is incorrect? That would be a huge problem.  All that money, all that work, only to arrive at conclusions that might not

customer experience net promoter score customer feedback Numr
7 excellent Customer Experience goals to win in 2020

Now that 2020 is finally here, everybody seems to have a game plan on how to make it THE year of big change. We're going to get more sleep, eat healthier, exercise more and finally learn that skill we’ve been meaning to pick up for years. Right? Customer experience goals for 2020. This is our year. The beginning of a

Text Analytics Net Promoter Score® customer feedback
How Text Analytics can help analyse Net Promoter Score®

Is your company bleeding money? US companies lose $75 billion dollars every year due to poor customer service. This is a pity because most of it is, in fact, preventable.   WHAT IS NET PROMOTER SCORE®? NPS® is a metric developed by Fred Reichheld that quantifies Customer Loyalty. It is based on just 1 question, which is  “On a scale of 1

Why Net Promoter Score® is important for your Customer Retention Strategy

Take a second and think, how do your best, most loyal customers act? They don’t just engage with your brand once but return again and again. Astute CX professionals know that return customers (and customer retention) are the backbone of a business. Why?  They boost revenue and have a high customer lifetime value.  Retaining existing customers is 5 times cheaper than acquiring new ones  Increasing customer

auto industry customer satisfaction Numr
Light at the end of the tunnel for the Auto Industry

For the Auto Industry, the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a freight train. Not yet, anyway. Everyone has been going on and on about how car sales have taken a nosedive. Some have been calling it a slowdown while the less optimistic ones have labelled it a crash.  While it is absolutely true that the auto

customer experience customer retention numr research customer satisfaction
How improving customer experience can help you retain customers

Consider this quote by Fred Reichheld on Customer Experience,  Print it, frame it, and stick it on your wall.Everybody knows that happy and satisfied customers are a pre-requisite for business success. Google it and you’ll find numerous statistics on how retaining an old customer is more profitable than acquiring a new one.We’ve listed some of them here for you-It cost

millennial customers brand loyalty customer experience Numr
How to Delight Millennial Customers- 5 Simple Ways

Millennials. What hasn’t been said about them?  TIME magazine called them the ‘Me Me Me Generation.’ If you ask the older generation the cause of society’s impending downfall, the answer would be- Millennials. Type casted as lazy, capricious, immature, millennials now form over a quarter of the global population. What's more, by 2020, their spending is projected to grow to $1.4

emotion in cx, sentiment analysis, customer experience Numr
How to track Emotion in CX to boost the bottom line

If you’re a marketer, you know that Customer Experience can make or break a company. In fact, “Customer Experience is the new brand.” Did you know that around 89% of companies now mostly compete based on Customer Experience? Surprising? Not if you’ve been paying attention. We now live in an Experience Economy. As this article by Forbes reiterates, business success is

NPS® Numr market research company in India
Why you need an experienced research company to measure NPS®

Net Promoter Score® is a metric top companies across the world use to manage Customer Experience. In fact, Reichheld calls it the ONE NUMBER that companies need to grow. It measures how loyal your customers are based on whether they will recommend you to others. Also, it is a proven indicator of future growth. Numr, a market research company in

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effect of customer satisfaction on feed delivery startup case study
customer feedback car dealership auto industry customer satisfaction
customer experience net promoter score customer feedback Numr
Text Analytics Net Promoter Score® customer feedback