online learning platform survey india Numr
online learning platform survey india Numr

India’s Ed-tech industry is the second largest in the world with around 327 ed-tech companies headquartered in the country. It is hardly surprising that the digital revolution has massively changed the education sector. The Ed-tech market has two major sub-sectors, namely, Online Certification and Test Prep (K-12 to entrance exams). Clearly, online learning platforms are capitalising on Indians’ obsession with marks and scores. To put things in perspective, the market size of Test Prep sub-sector is pegged to be around $515 million by 2021.  

Now, moving on to Numr’s survey 


online learning platform survey india Numr

As per the survey, 60% urban Indians have used an online learning Ed-tech platform.  

Additionally, Ahmedabad and Pune reported the highest number of users (65%) and Hyderabad the least (52%) 


63% high income Indians claim that they have used an e-learning platform as compared to 57% lower income Indians. 

part 2
paid vs free

The majority, 43% have used only free platforms whereas 33% have used paid. 24% have used both.

Also, Bangalore (46%) had the highest number of paid users and Chennai (23%) the lowest. 


40 to 55 age group reported the highest number of paid users (40%) and 18-24, the lowest (29%) 

part 3
reason for using an online learning platform

Numr’s survey showed that  majority of users have used an ed-tech platform for career advancements. 

In terms of difference between men and women,  

More men have used ed-tech for Career advancement and to learn a hobby as compared to women. Comparatively, more women have used these platforms for their children’s education.  

part 4
have you ever paid for an e-certificate?

online learning platform survey india Numr

Out of all the users,  

56% have also paid for an e-certificate. 

Furthermore, Kolkata (67%) registered the highest number of such users and Delhi,(41%) the lowest.

In addition,

More women have paid for online certificates as compared to their male counterparts. (68% vs 41%) 

Age wise, Gen X has the majority of users who have paid and Gen Z the least. (71% vs 51%)  

67% low income Indians have paid for e-certificates as compared to 48% high income Indians 


88% of those who paid for an E-certificate reported that it helped them in advancing their careers. More women claimed the same as compared to men (91% vs 86%)  

Similarly, more low-income Indians claimed the same as compared to High Income Indians (91% vs 86%)

part 5
online learning platforms

BYJU’s was the most used platform with 42% users. Unacademy came in second with 24%. Finally, Coursera, Udemy and Meritnation tied for the third place with 17% each.

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This survey was conducted with an ONLINE PANEL between 13 March 2020 to 21 March 2020. also, All respondents were over 18. 

Also, this survey was done in association with Walkify. Which is a health and wellness app that gives its users cash or gifts for walking. 

Cities- Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. 

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